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A Complete Line of E-Drill™
and S-Blaster Accessories

Perfect Point offers a complete line of E-drill™ accessories that will handle most fastener types and installations.
The library of fastener types, sizes and materials is constantly expanding.

E-Drill™ Tools and Accessories

S-Blaster Tools and Accessories

Vacuum Flush Head Locator and Accessories

Button & Flush Head Adapters & Locators

Electrodes (copper, brass, speciality and other)

Perfect Point Parts & Accessories List

Perfect Point E-Drill™

The Perfect Point E-Drill™ uses advanced technology to radically improve the ease and time needed to remove hard fasteners.

Perfect Point S-Blaster

The S-Blaster quickly removes coatings, sealants, fillers, and corrosion from all fastener types.